The Tenacious Violet

Living in the city most of my life, I have to admit that I’ve fell out of touch with seasons. But now that this spring has produced a blanket of violets in every which direction, I will always remember violets as a telltale sign of spring! Violets, or 菫 (sumire) in Japanese, […]


Backyard Botany: Ramps

It is truly amazing how quickly life returns to the land once spring gets into full swing. The barren trees seem to take ages to awaken from their winter slumber, yet when the time comes they do so with such fervent vigour that their leaves appear to unfurl overnight, catapulting […]


At the Farm: My First Day! 2

April 13, 2015 was my first day on the farm. It was a beautiful, sunny warm day and truly the start of spring as maple trees began to flower, daffodils sprang up on the roadside, and ramps poked their heads out. The week before had been wet and cold so I was really fortunate to start on […]